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Dear Colleague:

Johns Hopkins University is committed to maintaining a work and learning environment that is free from all forms of discrimination, including sexual harassment. In keeping with that commitment, I encourage every faculty, staff and student member of our University to participate in our interactive training program called Preventing Sexual Harassment. The program outlines current laws on sexual harassment and the University's policies and procedures for reporting sexual harassment. It also provides examples to illustrate the kinds of words and behaviors that might reasonably be regarded as sexual harassment, and therefore should be avoided. While this program primarily focuses on sexual harassment, the principles it teaches apply essentially to all forms of discriminatory harassment.

As we strive for an inclusive community, our goal must be to foster an environment that recognizes the worth and potential of every individual, and communicates respect among all members. I am fully committed to this goal and I trust that you share my resolve to ensure a campus atmosphere that advances both the University's mission and its reputation for excellence.

Should you have any comments or questions about Johns Hopkins University's sexual harassment policy or desire more information regarding the identification and prevention of sexual harassment, please contact the Office of Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Programs at 410-516-8075 or 410-516-6225 (TTY).

Thank you for your interest and involvement in helping to make our campus a harassment-free environment.


William R. Brody

The training is free and can be accessed from any computer by visiting the following website: